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The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

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Prophet of Life Ministries, Inc.

Providing life tools and strategies for living life abundantly.

This page is dedicated to those who find themselves wanting life, and it more abundantly. Those who have grown tired of Church as usual, life as usual, but is seeking the more that your spirit man indicates to you is out there. Here, you will encounter tools to assist you in many areas, from your identity, to overcoming toxic relationships all in a common sense approach to scripture and God. 

Prophet Tameeka Alexander




God has ordained for us all to be set free from EVERY BONDAGE!  It all begins with the proper perspective!

Encouragement for Women to build, strengthen and restore to a place of ABUNDANT LIFE.

Ladies it is time to live an abundant life with nothing lacking.  Tools to live your best life based on biblical principles!

Life is a set of formulas or equations, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying to get to the fullness of life. 


Get the tools you need to live life abundantly!

Meet the Prophet

Prophet Tameeka T. Alexander is a voice in this Century for the Kingdom of God. Her mandate is to restore honor and breathe the breath of life back into the Sons and Daughters of God which will cause them to stand up and assume their rightful place in the earth, by teaching them their identity in Christ, and also healing them from the issues of life that keep many sitting in one place, not functioning in all that God has for them.


Prophet Tameeka has been in ministry for 19 years, has co-authored several books. She is the mother of Eden Morning Wray, and the Prophet of Freedom Christian Assembly in Union, SC. 

Prophet Tameeka is an overcomer and her determination is to ensure any believer who wants to live, will live and will be made whole from the things life throws at them. Prophet Tameeka is a Prophetic Teacher, she believes the true prophetic is more than telling you about houses and cars, and money.  But to teach you the ways of God that will sustain you when the winds and rains of life beat against your faith. Prophet Tameeka has a unique anointing for seeing the depths of the scriptures and yet relaying them in a common sense approach that enables you to accept and digest the word of God.

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