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The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

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Storms - May 15, 2019

Storms come to tear up the loose things.  Many of us have been functioning with "loose" individuals in our space.  The storm you're experiencing i sonly cleaning your path.  Faint not, fear not.  You are properly and securely positioned, but some of those that you have been towing are weighing you down from moving as vastly as needed.  Let the storm sweep them away.

In the Storm - May 1, 2019


It is only between the rock and a hard place that God reveals his GLORY.  It’s tight, it’s uncomfortable, you're crying, sweating, knot in your throat, you don’t know whether to turn right or left.  What decision is right, which one is wrong?  Here, in that place God shows up.  In the fire, the storm, the whale, the desert, the flood, the famine. Here, is where God proves himself strong and mighty. 

Death and Grave Moments - April 20, 2019


As Sunday approaches, we are gearing up for Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday which ever you may say.  We get happy about "getting up."  Many are experiencing death and grave like moments right now.  A season and time where we seem to be stuck in nothing. Nothing moving, nothing happening, nothing working out the way we desire.  But, I want to encourage you, the nothing is actually something.  How long we experience the death and grave depends on how long it takes us to find out why the death and grave was needed. 


Jesus proclaims in Matthew 28:18, upon his exiting the borrowed tomb, "all power has been given unto me in Heaven and in Earth."  The power wasn't because he was the Son of God. The power came from the fact that he did not let the cross or the grave keep control of his mind and spirit.  Jesus gives us clues throughout his life that he was not doomed to the pulse of the world or the enemy.  He declares in John 10:18 "No man takes my life..."  also that the "enemy comes but have no place in him." John 14:30, Jesus in human form relied solely upon God for his strength even up to facing the brutality of crucifixion. 

So although life is blowing the same winds of cross bearing and grave like situations your way, rely on the same God who assisted Jesus.  The time of nothing is something, because in those times you are to be learning advanced strategies and being endowed with power.  For trust me soon you too will rise out of your darkness.  And the point, to prove to your enemies and all those looking is to be able to declare," all power has been given to me..." it is the power to teach others who will walk that path, as well to instruct them and encourage them and prove their ability to live after death. 

Grace - April 14, 2019


The Apostle Paul spoke of a grace that is sufficient.  Too often we only equate grace to the covering of sins.  With this mindset we negate the full power of the element of grace meant for the life of a believer.  Grace is so much more, it is that force that God grants his own to accomplish the task that life throws at us.  


As a Mother, Minister and full time employee, daily I have learned to rely on the grace of God to give me strength and just as often I am amazed at by 8 or 9pm each night, I have accomplished everything and can lay down with all my work done.  I know the burdens of life weigh heavy on us all and we fear failing.  But God is desiring us to tap into his grace. Grace is so much more then insurance for our sins.  It is for every single area of our life and living.  The more you rely on grace the more grace will be made available for you.  


God is not stingy when it comes to grace, it is unlimited, it is a well that doesn’t run dry, it is a meal that well satisfy the hungriest of souls.   Grace is your go to, it is your spiritual 5 hour energy, for when you feel tapped out and overwhelmed.  Here eat, ingest, partake, devour of the gift of God's GRACE.

Leading the Charge - April 10, 2019


Today, I came across a word that spoke on this generation not taking church as it has always been given. I made a comment that I plan on leading the charge.

There remains a place of rest of the Sons and Daughters of God.  Our rest comes from after we have defeated the foes of religiosity, form and fashion, idolatry and abuse.  This generation cannot be brought with gimmicks, healing waters or lies of sowing all their money to get this or that.  This generation is bound for greater because the shallowness of religion will not work for them.  This generation thinks for themselves and are in no way afraid to voice their concerns and opinions about the way "church" is being conducted.  They cannot be controlled by threats of displeasing God, or Hell. 

It would be wise of the church to embrace this generation for the spirit of our God is upon them.  As the Prophet Joel declares in chapter 2.  We must not forsake this generation because their prophesies do not sound like those of past generations.  If the Lord is still speaking as he did 1,000 years ago, then no wonder the world is in the state that its in.  His word is concrete but for it to be applicable it must be crafted to hit is designed target. 


Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.  Allow God to teach you the rawness of his presence, allow him to heal you of the issues of Life, do not sale your identity for one meal.  Hold fast, stay the course, do not conform to any other image except that of Jesus Christ. 

The Time of Resolution - March 31, 2019

The time of RESOLUTION. Resolution or resolve is a state of peace. Many have unresolved issues, unresolved feelings, unresolved anxieties because of the way life is going. This is a state for many of panic, depression, confusion, and it is not an easy place to navigate. But as you continue to stand in faith even with wobbly knees know that God is bringing you to the time of resolution. 


God is ready and prepared for you the skills, strength, and grace to resolve all of the unresolved areas of your life. Prepare yourself, to be free by the process of resolving. Do not leave any stone unturned. It is not easy, but it is necessary for you to live the fullness of the promises of God concerning you.