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The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

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Queen Skills

The Queen Within You...

Queen Skills is designed to inspire the Queen that lives in all of us.  The Queen is not predicated on the outward LABELS that people put on us.  But being Queen is about the inward INGREDIENTS that make us who we are.

Change starts from within...

Here are some ways you can start the process:


YOU are more than YOU ever imagined. Everything about YOU was slated before the elements that made YOU connected. YOU were the thought of God, before YOU were the child of your parents. YOU were meant to be an original, and the mold was no longer needed once YOU came into being. YOU mattered to God, and his plan before anyone could form an opinion of YOU. Now YOU must learn the real YOU. Life has marred our view of ourselves. People's thoughts, in-considerations, inconsistencies towards us have caused us to undervalue and underestimate ourselves. Now, it's time to Redeem the Power of YOU. 


This section is designed to restore the emotional being that you are. As women being deemed emotional is also done in a negative manner. In a climate such as we live in today women who have learned to use their voice is always described as angry, sensitive, bitter or emotionally unstable. And these are the lies that have caused many to remain in abusive, non productive situations and environments. We actually have only learned to function out of "negative" emotions because we have encountered so many negative type situations. And having been so, it is easier to display the negative ones rather than the life giving, positive ones. So this section will help you heal in order to express effectively the emotions you live with. 


One of the hardest things in life to do is to accept ourselves.  Typically, we tend to view ourselves through the lens of those who have rejected us.  We accept their point of view without allowing ourselves the space to actually get to know who we are and who we were born to be by the design of God.  With this mindset, we put a cap on our power, possibilities and purpose.  Because we fail to believe these grand levels are available for us.

We must immediately begin the process of learning to see ourselves properly as God purposed us.  Please understand accepting yourself comes with great work, but it is the most rewarding adventure you will ever undertake.  Realize this, there is not another human being on earth who has been given the ability to validate you.  God alone gave you your power to use in the world for his glory, he will no way give another power over you in a way of domination.

Accepting you, is accepting the God who resides in you.  This understanding will open you up to a brand new way of thinking and functioning.  Accepting you, gives you grace to face your flaws, power to overcome your insecurities and confidence to continue in your strong suits.  You cannot accept yourself partly.  Fully accepting you, will allow the full you to flourish.


You are a power, a force to be reckoned with.  The true you has unlimited, untapped power that is waiting to be released.  The power within you is meant to first be for yourself, it's the power to heal yourself, the power to overcome every obstacle that comes you way.  The power to transform yourself from one stage to another.  Like the caterpillar goes from crawling and of its own self, spins a cocoon and releases its old being into a beautiful butterfly.  You've possessed the power from conception to grow, develop, mature and change.  The power is within, for God resides with you!